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TRA-LOR-MATE is a registered trademark of TRA-LOR-MATE Inc.
Pat. #6,321,873 and 6,505,708 and other Pat. Pending
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The TRA-LOR-MATE ® product line was developed with the trucker, and fleet owners in mind. All Tra-Lor-Mate products are made of air craft grade aluminum. They are also subjected to stringent quality control processes and requirements. Skate-Mate in action

Our current production line includes:

  • Skate-Mate for use on flatbed trailers.
  • Delivery-Mate is used for the side doors and rear entry
  • Tail Gate Entry System (TGES XMO3) for medium to high-level fall protection.

Almost anything can be equipped with a safe reliable high quality TRA-LOR-MATE ® product. We insure that the highest quality products available are delivered to our customers. TRA-LOR-MATE, Inc's. Goal is to provide high quality fall protection systems for the transportation industry of America.
We recognize the importance of a safe work environment for the men and women who are the back bone of the greatest country in the world.



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