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The Importance of Fall Protection Devices for (Truck Drivers Remain one of the MOST DANGEROUS Occupation in AMERICA.)

  • Results showed there were 898 TRUCK DRIVERS KILLED of which 17 were attributed to FALLS. Subsequent studies show there were 852 TRUCK DRIVERS KILLED, 22 of which were a result of FALLS.

FALLS Figure More Prominently in Serious Nonfatal Drivers Injuries.

  • For drivers of tractor trailers, trailer trucks, or semi trailers the median number of days away from work was 15 for falls to a lower level and 25 for falls from non-moving vehicles.
  • Industry studies show that 8.6 percent of falls occurred while not at a loading dock. This is significant as the average cost for this type of accident was $64,000.00

Overhead Reduction

A study performed by Liberty Mutual it was proven that 86% of companies felt that there companies workplace safety program provided a positive return on investment, with 61% estimating a return of $3.00 for each $1.00 of investment.

The willingness to pay or Reduce Occupational Fatalities or Serious Injuries. A fatality or serious injury costs workers, employees, and society, but precise estimates of the cost of a "typical" fatality or injury are difficult. From the standpoint of government policy an appropriate question would be: “What is society willing to pay to reduce occupational fatalities or serious injuries?
A review of empirical estimates of the value of fatality risk reduction using labor market data on wages and industry/occupational characteristics including job risk, concludes a reasonable value of a life of a worker is between $4 and $9 million. The implied value of a serious injury, one involving at least one day away from work is about $64,000.

The value of the 17 lives lost by truck drivers due to falls was between $68 and $153 million. Using $64,000 as the estimated value for a serious injury implies the 12,811 cases of lost workday injuries due to falls in 1999 was valued at $819.9 million.